Monday Oct 23 2017

I was sexually harassed by three Swedish stars, claims ex-player


STOCKHOLM: A former Swedish women's international star claimed Sunday that she was sexually harassed by three well-known male national team players that included being sent a series of lewd photographs.

Gunilla Axen — who was a European champion in 1984 — told Aftonbladet newspaper that the three men were "very well known, respected and successful" when the alleged incidents occurred in the first decade of the century.

While Axen refused to name the players involved, she claimed that she had received on three occasions "photos" of genitalia.

At the time of the incidents, Axen was working as head of development at the Swedish Football Association (SvFF).

"The president and the council (of the SvFF) have been informed, but they have remained silent," she said.

Contacted by Aftonbladet, the current president of the federation, who was not in office at the time, said he was "very shocked".

"Of course, we do not tolerate this type of behaviour. We need to know more and act as quickly as any form of attack is totally unacceptable", SvFF spokesman Niklas Bodell said.