No difference in Pakistan on Kashmir policy: PM Abbasi

PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi says unity in Pakistan will strengthen people like Syed Ali Gillani and Burhan Wani Shaheed


MUZAFFARABAD: Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi on Monday urged the parliamentarians of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Legislative Assembly to maintain unity for the sake of the Kashmir cause.

Speaking in the assembly, he said “we have to help our Kashmiri brethren by remaining united. With all our political differences aside, there is no second opinion in Pakistan on the Kashmir dispute. From civilian to military governments, there has been no difference in our Kashmir policy.”

He added that the Kashmiri parliamentary leaders have to keep the Kashmir issue alive.

“Opposition always has reservations with government and indeed government can commit mistakes but there should always be unity on Kashmir issue. Nawaz Sharif is my leader. I have not seen him compromising on it,” Abbasi said. “All political leaders are united on Kashmir issue and there should be no suspicion on it.”

Abbasi said that even if the country remains divided on the issue the indigenous Kashmir struggle will not end, adding that unity in Pakistan will strengthen people like Syed Ali Gillani and Burhan Wani Shaheed.

“The Modi government has tried all measures but they know they cant finish the freedom struggle because every Kashmiri child is taking ahead the cause,” he said. “We know the pain of our brethren who are fighting against the occupiers for the last 70 years.”

The premier said that Pakistan is committed to the peaceful resolution of the Kashmir dispute, adding that the huge Kashmiri diaspora all over the world is passionate about fighting for their rights but needs leadership, which can be only provided from the parliamentarians by remaining united.

PM Abbasi said that there has been no interference by the federal government in the previous assembly elections of Kashmir.

He said that the Kashmir government should remain focused on providing better governance and raising the Kashmir cause at international fora.