Afridi terms cricket on ice an exciting experience

Faizan Lakhani

KARACHI: Pakistan’s former captain and flamboyant all-rounder Shahid Afridi has termed playing cricket on ice as an exciting experience saying that it was a big challenge to run around wearing so many layers of cloths.

Cricket legends from various countries locked horns with each other on Thursday on the snowy peaks of the Swiss Alps, a unique cricket match being played on ice-fields.

Shahid Afridi-led Royals face off against Virender Sehwag-led Diamonds in the unique two-day event where two matches are set to be played on ice.

Royals won the match by six wickets and chased the target in 15.2 overs.

Talking after the match, Afridi said that it was a different experience.

“Experience was totally different, totally different. I enjoyed playing cricket on ice, good thing is that all the big stars from all the major countries are here. Would have been better if these matches are played on weekends,” Afridi said in the press conference.

The former Pakistan captain also explained the challenges he and other players faced during the game.

“It was freezing, weather was too cold, fielding was challenge, specially to hold the ball and running. While batting, first two overs and gripping the bat was challenge,” he said.

“Bowling was difficult for spinners, you can’t hold it properly and hands are almost numb due to cold weather,” he said adding that it was so difficult to run wearing so many layer of cloths.

The former captain added that the players were also conscious due to the slippery nature of the field.

“It was different, we were a bit scared of slipping on snow, and all… but it was different and we enjoyed it,” he concluded.