Thursday May 17 2018
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Temperatures likely to soar up to 43°C in Karachi over next few days: PMD

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KARACHI: The Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD) has issued a weather advisory with regard to Karachi stating that day temperatures in the megapolis are likely to remain between 40°C to 43°C during next five to six days.

The PMD urged authorities to ensure adequate supply of water and power so that the situation may not aggravate for the public, keeping in view the ongoing month of Ramazan and people fasting.

Citizens, however, can take certain precautions to beat sweltering heat during the first week of Ramazan:

Stay covered

Try to stay indoors, and if you need to be outside; don’t spend extended amounts of time without shade or clothes that expose your skin to the sun.

Wear light clothes

Wear linen, cotton, silk, or other breathable fabrics. Keep your clothing loose and breezy, so you don't feel suffocated in the humid heat.

Find shade or wear caps

If you must absolutely go out during peak hours that is between 10:00am and 4:00pm as mentioned above, then try to find shade to stand under or keep a baseball cap handy, and wear it alongside your sunglasses whenever you step out.