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Tuesday May 22 2018
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Sweltering heatwave to continue in Karachi amid load-shedding gloom

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KARACHI: The heatwave currently gripping the country's industrial hub is expected to continue tormenting citizens today as well, Geo News reported, citing the local weather forecasting authority.

The mercury is expected to rise to 43°C — again; however, by 2pm in the afternoon, the sea breeze is likely to pick up the pace, according to the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD).

On Monday, the temperature soared to 44°C in Karachi. The highest temperature was recorded at 47°C in Chhor, Sindh. 

Dr Muhammad Riaz, the PMD's chief meteorologist, predicts the country can expect the weather to remain hot and dry for the next three days.

“The heatwave will continue for another three days unless there is rain. However, if there is no respite this week, then temperatures could cross 43°C in cities including Lahore and Karachi.”

Riaz further added that areas in South Punjab could be the worst affected.

Power outages continue

Power outages continued to plunge large areas of Karachi into darkness at both sehri and iftar timings

Multiple areas in the city were in the dark Tuesday night as residents sat down for their sehri meal. The affected neighbourhoods included F.B. Area, Liaquatabad and Malir.

K-Electric, the metropolis' sole supplier of electricity, had said Saturday it would try its best not to carry out load-shedding during sehri and iftar timings, adding that people should not label technical faults as load-shedding.

However, areas with line losses are continuing to face over seven hours of load-shedding.