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Friday Jun 14 2019

Iconic Pakistani 'Chacha Cricket', India's 'Sachin' on Sunday's World Cup showdown

MANCHESTER: With Pakistan and India set to face off each other in the first showdown this World Cup season this Sunday at Old Trafford, fans from the arch-rival countries have started gathering in town to cheer for their respective teams.

Among them are two iconic names: Pakistan's Abdul Jalil, popularly known as "Chacha Cricket" and Sudhir Gautam aka "Sachin" of India. The duo was honoured with awards at an event here on Friday by local cricket organisers to acknowledge their contribution towards making cricket a beautiful game.

And now, both are gearing up to cheer for their countries' teams but have stressed that they wish for cricket to be played in high spirits.

“It should be taken like a game, and not a war,” Sudhir, an globally known cricket fan from India, said.

“I agree with him," Chacha Cricket said, "Cricket brings people together!”

The Pakistani fan has been an iconic figure in the cricket scene and is known for travelling all over the world to cheer for his beloved team, chanting “Pakistan Zindabad” and “Jeetey ga bhaee jeetey ga, Pakistan jeetey ga!”

Chacha Cricket has been seen dancing in the stadiums for almost half a century but a moment he is desperately waiting for is to see Pakistan beat India in a World Cup match.

“It’s been so long but I’m sure this time Pakistan will surely change the history in World Cup,” said Chacha Cricket.

Sudhir, on the other hand, was confident that the trend would not change this time either and that India would continue its tradition of beating Pakistan in the World Cup.

“We have always done that, we will do it again. We did it in Asia Cup as well,” said Sudhir.

Chacha Cricket, however, shot back: “Asia Cup is different from World Cup. Pakistan will be a different team.”

But at the end, they agreed on one thing.

“May the better team win!”