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Tuesday Jun 25 2019

NZ's Mitchell Santner says not easy to prepare against unpredictable Pakistan

BIRMINGHAM: New Zealand all-rounder Mitchell Santner feels that it is not easy to prepare for a game against an unpredictable side Pakistan as you just can't take them lightly.

Speaking at a pre-match press conference ahead of New Zealand's World Cup game against Pakistan, Santner said his team knows that Pakistan is a very dangerous side.

"I think they're very dangerous. Obviously, they have had a pretty good record over here. They won the Champions Trophy a couple of years ago, and they have come off a pretty good win against South Africa. We're at the top at the moment, but we can't take any games lightly. Obviously, for us, we need to prepare accordingly for tomorrow," he said.

"I guess you have to prepare like they're going to come out and play their best cricket. I guess we've seen early in this tournament they've taken down big sides. They took down England and took down South Africa the other day. When they're hot, they're really hot. We have to, obviously, find ways of trying to cool them down when they're like that," the 27-year-old cricketer said.

He added that New Zealand was playing good cricket as well and that they were in for a good match on Wednesday.

Santner also praised Pakistan's bowling attack, adding that the Kiwis can't take Pakistan lightly, although, they are aware of Pakistan's strengths and weaknesses.

"Their bowling attack on the whole is very good. They've got some very good seam bowlers as well as spin bowlers. I guess going off the last game here, it did spin a little bit. So we have to obviously prepare like it might do that, but then seeing that the pitch might be better, I think it might be better than it was last time," he said.

"We've played Pakistan a lot recently. We played them in New Zealand, which are similar conditions to over here. We're aware of their strengths, and I think Wahab back into their team is very good for them. Amir is bowling very well as well. We can't take them lightly, and we'll have to prepare accordingly," the New Zealand all-rounder said.