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Friday Aug 16 2019
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Pakistan to set plan of action in Kashmir on Aug 17: FM Qureshi after UNSC meeting

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ISLAMABAD: Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi said Friday a meeting was called for tomorrow (Saturday) to discuss occupied Kashmir after the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) concluded its discussions earlier today.

Speaking to the media here in the federal capital, Qureshi said various Pakistani institutions would be part of the meeting on Saturday and a future plan of action — in light of today's historical progress and success — would be set.

As recent as early morning today, there was information that India was attempting to not let the UNSC meeting take place, he said, adding that there was fear till the meeting started that some sort of hindrance would come up. However, he congratulated "all our people today for India has been unmasked".

"The Kashmir issue was discussed at the Security Council for the first time today after five decades," the minister said, adding that he wished to express his gratitude to the members of the UNSC, who, he noted, were not swayed by India's efforts and continued their meeting as scheduled.

Qureshi commented on how India had kept the issue of occupied Kashmir hidden from the world but that the UNSC called a meeting 72 hours after Pakistan made its request.

According to the foreign minister, the UN's military observers and political affairs representatives were called to the meeting on Kashmir, wherein a clear and detailed discussed was held.

India's case, Qureshi added, was based on two points, one of which is New Delhi's stance that occupied Kashmir is an internal issue and that that was why the matter should not be taken to the UNSC.

Qureshi further said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres maintained that the issue of Kashmir could only be resolved in accordance with the UN resolutions.

"It's clear now that the world is observing the situation in occupied Kashmir," he said, adding that the global fraternity believed that there were truths to be revealed.

'Stand strong with the Kashmiri people'

In the meeting, the human rights violations in the Himalayan region were also discussed, he said, adding that the UNSC's move today proved that the issue was not an internal matter of India.

The foreign minister also spoke of how ground realities in occupied Kashmir would be ascertained after the curfew is lifted and communication resumed.

"We have to stand strong with the Kashmiri people until the end. People expressed solidarity with the Kashmiris world over [and] international media unmasked India's true face," he said.

"No Kashmiri supports India's stance," Qureshi stressed, adding: "India should observe the situation after removing the curfew and resuming communication in the conflicted region.

Qureshi also noted that Pakistan would continue its diplomatic, moral, and political support for the Kashmiri people. A message has been sent to the world that the "Kashmiri people are not alone", he added.

'A new hope'

"The significant progress is a huge success for us," Qureshi noted. "Today’s effort by the UNSC is a new hope.

"A peaceful resolution is needed for the Kashmir issue," the minister said, noting, however, that the Indian defence minister's statement was irresponsible.

The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) had demanded the curfew in occupied Kashmir be lifted immediately, he said, and that the leaders under house arrest be released.

"In response to the questions about the Ummah, the answer is that we’re united. My voice, if not today, will reach Kashmiri people soon. The Kashmiris will realise how passionately the world observed Black Day.

"India has always tried to hide its atrocities. India lost the war of principles to Kashmiris around the world," he added, underscoring how human rights organisations have raised voice for the Kashmiris and that India should let them ascertain the August 5 decision.

"Pakistan won’t block the human rights organisations from going to Kashmir," he stressed.

'World is listening'

On the discussion held between Prime Minister Imran Khan and US President Donald Trump, Qureshi said they had a very important conversation.

PM Imran apprised Trump of the situation in occupied Kashmir, India’s atrocities, and the human rights violations by New Delhi, and informed the American head-of-state of the matter's significance, he added.

Qureshi further mentioned that Trump talked about staying in contact with the Indian prime minister. "The world is listening to each and every one of our words."

'India desecrates law'

Qureshi said the Indian defence minister "made a blunder with today’s comments" and that he would not contact him at all.

"You expect me to contact the Indian defence minister? How can it even be considered? India desecrates the law so how can it be expected of me to contact them?

"It is out of the question to talk to believers of the RSS' and Hitler's philosophy."

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