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Saturday Sep 07 2019

Punjab police chronicles: Lawyer who slapped lady constable released


LAHORE: The chronicles of Punjab police continued to pile up as the lawyer, who slapped a lady constable in Ferozewala, was released on Saturday due to a minor mistake in the First Information Report (FIR).

The local court’s judge was hearing the case, in which Ahmed Mukhtar Advocate was accused of violently slapping Constable Faiza Nawaz, when she told him not to park his car at one of its checkpoints.

In the hearing today, the suspect was released as his name was written as Ahmed Iftikhar instead in the FIR.

Following the development, female constable Faiza Nawaz demanded that President of Pakistan Arif Alvi and Chief Justice of Pakistan Asif Saeed Khosa should take notice of the incident.

“Is this the level of respect for women that anyone can slap her?”, said the female police officer in an emotional state.

Meanwhile, the incident raised hue and cry due to the legal loopholes in the case, leading to the release of an alleged assaulter.

Social worker Farzana Bari said that the slap wasn’t on the female constable’s face but on the face of the entire working women class in the country.

She announced protest against the abominable incident.

In a turn of events, the lawyer fraternity in Sheikhupura boycotted bars and legal proceedings today in favour of the fellow lawyer.

‘Punjab police’s cancer can’t be treated with disprin’

Adviser to PM on Information and Broadcasting Firdous Ashiq Awan expressed sorrow over the shameful incident, saying that the fellow policeman of the female constable even made a mistake in order to provide relief to another man, the lawyer.

“The cancer in Punjab police cannot be treated with disprin, it needs a big operation,” said the Adviser to PM.

She urged the Inspector General of Punjab police to find ‘black sheep’ among his ranks.

Three days earlier, Ahmed Mukhtar Advocate had violently slapped Constable Faiza Nawaz in Ferozewala Courts when she told him not to park his car at one of its checkpoints. She had requested him to remove his car, telling him that it would become an inconvenience to others but in his anger, the lawyer verbally abused Nawaz, kicked her in the shins, and slapped her.

In a moment of temporary respite, the constable herself brought to court the lawyer, who was in handcuffs and she was holding the keys.

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