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Monday Oct 14 2019
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Wife and children not my dependents, says Justice Isa

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ISLAMABAD: Justice Qazi Faez Isa, in his rejoinder to the government's statement, has stated that he is not bound to furnish the money trail of the properties owned by his family members as they are no longer his dependents. 

Justice Isa made the revelation in a reply to the top court regarding the presidential reference filed against him, and maintained that the charges against him seek to damage his reputation.

According to the judge, he owns a home of 1600 square yards in Karachi that has been empty for the past ten years as he has taken up state residences in his capacity as a judge. 

Justice Isa said that he has no properties in London or any other country outside Pakistan, and also noted that contrary to reports, his wife does not hold dual citizenship.

With regards to the properties under question, Justice Isa said that the first property was bought for Rs20.6 million in 2004, while the other two in 2013. 

He maintained that the prices of all three properties together are lower than a one kanal house in the posh areas of Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. 

Justice Isa also objected to the Attorney General submitting response on behalf of the Supreme Judicial Council. 

"It is a violation of the Constitution, the Attorney General only advises the federal government on legal matters," the judge said in his reply. 

The Attorney General had earlier submitted a reply in the SC that Justice Isa was the owner of three properties in the United Kingdom under the names of his children who were his dependents.