Sunday Nov 03 2019
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Fazl threatens to shut down the entire country

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ISLAMABAD: Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI-F) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman threatened to shut down the entire country, on Sunday. 

The JUI-F chief was speaking to the Azadi March protesters at the H-9 venue when he said that the time was up for Prime Minister Imran. 

"They are asking us to go and file complaints with the election commission," he said. "Election Commission is even more helpless than us," he added.

Fazl said that if the election commission was not so helpless, such a large crowd wouldn't have assembled in Islamabad.

"We have decided not to go to any court or election commission," he said. "Only a parliamentary committee will decide about rigging."

Fazl said that a case of the PTI's foreign funding was being heard by the Election Commission since the past five years but no verdict had been given on it.

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"If it couldn't decide about the foreign funding case then what decision can the ECP give on other matters," he wondered.

Fazl said that there was no option but to send the rulers home.

"These rulers will have to go," he said. "You will have to give these people the right to vote."

Fazl said that D-Chowk was quite a small place for such a gathering.

"H-9 is an open space--D-Chowk is quite small for a gathering like this," he said. "Whatever decision we make, we will do so with consensus with all opposition parties," he said.

"Do you expect this novice to teach us politics? Now people born with a golden spoon in their mouths will teach us politics and that too, the politics of the poor?" he asked.

Fazl issued a stern warning to Prime Minister Imran, warning him that his Azadi March would throw him away.

"If this flood decides to move towards the Prime Minister House, no one can dare stop it," he said. "Imran Khan, listen to me. This movement and flood of people will force you out of the prime minister's seat."

Fazl criticised the prime minister and said that it was unfortunate that he was occupying such a coveted seat.

"We know about you and your character very well," he said. "We are also aware of ourselves and our characters."