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Wednesday Dec 04 2019
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Akshay Kumar on working with new directors: ‘Big directors won’t take me’

Web Desk
Akshay Kumar on working with new actors: ‘Big directors won’t take me’

Akshay Kumar recently went on to reveal the reason why he ends up working with mainly new directors.

During a conversation, ahead of the release of his new film, Good Newwz, the star revealed, “I work with new directors because big directors don’t take me (in their films).”

He went on to explain his comment by elaborating and stating, “I still don’t have big directors (directing me). They are producing films with me, but they are not directing. Mr Karan Johar is there, you should ask him. You should ask Adi Chopra." 

The star further went on to explain, “When big people don’t take you (in their films), you have to start your own journey. If you don’t get a job in a big publication, you will go through a smaller one. From there you jump. You cannot just sit at home and wonder why people don’t take me (in their films) despite me being so capable.”

The star stated that even when working with new directors, he does not try to undermine them and trusts in their capability. 

He stated, “My input is nothing. I am not any kind of guiding force. I have not opened a school. They come, they do their own work. They do a good job, that’s why they are with me. Actually, more than anything else I trust the script and the screenplay. With that 60 per cent of your job is done. The rest is done by the director.”

During the course of the interview, Akshay was asked about the time where big directors were flocking to the big ‘Khans’ and he aptly replied by saying, “They (big directors) went to the people who deserved. You see, it’s not that only the Khans were around. There were the Kapoors and the others. I presume I didn’t deserve it, so I earned it my way."