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Saturday Dec 07 2019
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Sonakshi Sinha reveals she has learnt a lot by just observing Salman Khan

Web Desk
Sonakshi Sinha reveals she has learnt a lot by just observing Salman Khan

Sonakshi Sinha has opened up about her bond with Salman Khan, stating that he has served as a great mentor to her.

The actress who made her debut opposite the megastar in Dabangg in 2010 said that she has learnt a lot from Salman Khan by just observing him.

“I learnt a lot of things by just observing him which I eventually followed even in my journey. The very fact that he takes his stardom in his stride, isn’t affected by it… If he had let it go to his head, he wouldn’t have made a career like the one he has had for such a long time," she stated.

Speaking about her sentiments during the start of her career, Sonakshi said, “All my training happened when I faced the camera for the first time for Dabangg. You learn about your craft, filmmaking, how to conduct yourself on a set, being an actor, being in the limelight all the time, which is something that even though I came from a film family I wasn’t really used to."

She added, “Honestly, I don’t think I’m still used to. I am a private person, sometimes I feel like a misfit. Love it, appreciate it, but I’m a bit shy. I’m grateful thought because if this wasn’t there, then I don’t think I’d be where I’m today,” she said.

The actress who was just 23 years’ old when she made her debut reflected on her journey so far.

“It has already been 9 years and I’m here with another Dabangg, which would be my 25th film! It’s crazy the kind of work I’ve done I have learnt so much over the years. The learning process hasn’t stopped. It has been a fantastic journey. I wouldn’t change a thing about it.” 

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