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Saturday Feb 15 2020
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Akshay Kumar thinking of revenge plans after Twinkle Khanna's witty gag

Web Desk
Akshay Kumar prepping hashing revenge plan over Twinkle Khanna's witty gag. Photo: Instagram

There is probably only one woman in the world who can leave Akshay Kumar speechless, and it is none other than his ladylove and lifelong companion, Twinkle Khanna.

Twinkle recently took a hilarious jab at her husband after he seemed more interested in his iPad than helping her and their daughter with some karate moves.

A couple of nights ago, Twinkle was helping her daughter, Nitara out with her karate moves, and instead of lending his wife a hand, Akshay seemed more interested in catching a cricket match than in her.

Twinkle decided to get back at her husband for this, and she chose the direct approach. His wife changed Akshay’s iPad password, leaving the star in a frustrated frenzy, locked out of his device.

After the antics were done and dusted, Twinkle posted a tweet regarding the hilarious gag and admitted to the whole thing.

On her website she wrote, “I got home and secretly changed my husband’s iPad password. It is difficult to quantify the joy I felt that night, watching him enter his password repeatedly, till his device was disabled."

Once Akshay caught wind of her post, he retweeted it and began contemplating possible revenge schemes that would be good enough to get back at his wife. He even asked his fans for advice on some good gags!

What made this whole thing even more adorable was the fact that this all took place on Valentine’s day.