Saturday Feb 22 2020

PSL 2020: Australian journalist sings ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’ during visit to Karachi's Burns Road

KARACHI: With Pakistan Super League matches being held in Pakistan regularly, foreigners coming to the country also seem to be getting acquainted with the local culture fairly well.

There’s no doubt that PSL is connecting, rather re-connecting, the world with Pakistan.

Interestingly, this connection is not limited to cricketers only, as others associated with PSL or its coverage are also loving being in Pakistan.

Australian journalist Dennis Freedman is one of them.

Dennis is currently in Pakistan to cover the fifth edition of the PSL. Although this is not his first visit to the country, he seems to be exploring the city this time.

On Friday, he went to Karachi’s famous Burns Road to have some desi food.

After the hearty meal, Dennis joined a Karachi-based, rock-band “E-sharp” and sang “Dil Dil Pakistan” on the streets of Karachi to show his love for Pakistan.