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Friday Feb 28 2020
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Salman Khan adopts rebuilding project in Maharashtra village after 2019 flooding

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Salman Khan adopts rebuilding project on Maharashtra village after 2019 flooding. Photo: Apparel Views

Salman Khan is an actor well known for his heart of gold for those in need. Time and time again the actor has proved his generosity with acts of kindness and selflessness whenever possible, from award shows to other public appearances.

The Bollywood icon has recently undertaken another philanthropic endeavor under his belt. Salman Khan aims to rebuild homes for those effected by the 2019 floods within Khidrapur village in the Kolhapur district of Maharashtra.

In order to adopt the village under his care he has joined hands with Gurugram's ELAN GROUP.

Just recently, the actor also took to his personal Instagram account to wish his allies for joining hands with him for this selfless act of kindness.

He wrote, “I wish the ELAN GROUP the very best for their sincere and noble gesture in having adopted, 2019 flood affected Khidrapur village in Kolhapur district of Maharashtra. They have adopted the village in Maharashtra to rebuild their homes.”

Check out his post below:

In the statement, Salman revealed about the huge impact it had left on him when he heard of those that lost their homes to the 2019 flood.

The star further revealed his aim is to make sure that the village is safe from such destructions in the future, and in order to accomplish this, Salman aims to concentrate on the area’s development to the best of his abilities.

In the past, Salman Khan’s organization, Being Human, has offered extensive support to numerous the affected areas, and even brought 200 drought-infested villages, 2,500 water tankers each with a staggering capacity to harbor 2,000.