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Friday Feb 28 2020
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AR Rehman ushers in a change, feeling 'reborn' after becoming a producer

Web Desk
A.R Rehman ushers in a change, feeling 'reborn' after becoming a producer. Photo: Global Village Spice

A.R. Rehman has graced fans with multiple hit songs that tug at their heart string. The composer is now gearing up to usher in a new decade by exploring his talents as a writer and producer.

After entering into this new world, the writer feels like he has been "reborn". Ever since A.R. Rehman’s trailer launch has hit main stream media, fans have desperately been waiting for this new musical drama. During an interview with the Times of India, A.R. Rehman said, “I feel like I have been reborn since the time I have decided to turn producer. It’s an entirely new feeling."

In an attempt to further elaborate upon his experiences as a writer and producer in Bollywood, he went onto say, “It's like being born again as a new man. When I started as a film music composer, I already had ten years of experience. But as a producer, it felt so new and seemed like I was starting all over again and I wanted to leave no stone un-turned in giving it my best." 

"Also, since I was working with other debutants – the director and the actor - I was reminded that I have a completely new team and we had a modest budget. I didn’t want to spare any effort in presenting it well and try to make our own epic."

Talking about the importance of punctuality and budget maintenance within the entertainment industry, the composer said, “I knew that if some important scenes needed to be expanded, I ensured I would be present on set."