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Saturday Feb 29 2020
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PM Imran reaffirms support, lauds performance of Farogh Naseem

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Law Minister Farogh Naseem. Photo: File

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Friday lauded the performance of Law Minister Farogh Naseem and assured him that he, along with the entire cabinet, stood with him, reported The News.

“The entire cabinet stands with you. I appreciate your performance as a law minister,” PM Imran was quoted as saying during a meeting with the law minister.

On February 24, Naseem had refuted rumours of his resignation and opposition to the appointment of the newly-appointed Attorney General Khalid Javed, saying, “Neither am I resigning from my post as law minister nor I have any reservations about the appointment of Khalid Javed.”

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Naseem added that he saw Javed as him as brother due to their fathers being close friends. “Those who say that I have objected to Khalid Javed’s appointment are basically raising questions on their credibility,” he said.

Attorney General Javed also seconded Naseem’s remarks and said he had a very kind relationship with Farogh Naseem’s father, as he always defended him when questions were raised against him. Naseem also apologised to the former attorney general Anwar Mansoor Khan and said he considered him as a big brother.

“I withdraw all my remarks against Anwar Mansoor,” he had said.

PBC asks PM Imran to expel Naseem from cabinet

Earlier, the PBC had called upon PM Imran to expel Naseem from the cabinet after former attorney general Anwar Mansoor Khan said Naseem was aware of his comments against judges.

The supreme lawyers' body sought Naseem's removal from the cabinet following a controversial statement from former attorney general against the judges of Supreme Court.

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Ex-AGP Mansoor had also apologised for having made such remarks and said that the minister knew he was going to say that.

Later, Naseem distanced himself from the controversy and submitted a statement in the Supreme Court stating that the comments were made without government's approval.