Thursday Mar 12 2020
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Sindh's second coronavirus patient recovers, says Murtaza Wahab

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Sindh chief minister's law adviser, Murtaza Wahab, speaks to the media here in Karachi, Pakistan, March 12, 2020. Geo News/via

KARACHI: Sindh chief minister's law adviser, Murtaza Wahab, on Thursday announced that a second coronavirus patient from the province had recovered.

Addressing a press conference here in the provincial capital, Wahab informed media that the Sindh administration had requested the federal government to provide quarantine facilities at the Jinnah International Airport in Karachi.

However, there has been no response from the centre yet, he added.

Earlier today, the Sindh health department issued an advisory on coronavirus for schools, saying any student or employee who returned to Pakistan within the last 15 days from abroad would not be allowed to go to school, college or university till they complete a 14-day quarantine at their home.

Pakistan's confirmed coronavirus cases rise to 21

Pakistan's number of confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus — COVID-19 — rose to 21 on Wednesday after a third person from Gilgit-Baltistan tested positive.

Karachi has been the worst-affected city so far, with 15 of the total confirmed cases and two having recovered, as of reporting time. Three of the remaining were reported in Gilgit-Baltistan and one each in Islamabad, Hyderabad, and Quetta.

'Cautious' in checking passengers from abroad

On Tuesday, Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah had said all 15 positive coronavirus cases in the province were "imported" and that none were "indigenous".

"It means we will have to be more cautious in checking the passengers coming from Iran, Afghanistan, Italy, and such other countries at the airport," he had said.

"The suspect(s), if any, must be quarantined there instead of bringing him to the city," he had added, noting that some 4,000 people arrive at Karachi's Jinnah International Airport every day, which was why arrangements for their screening must be made foolproof.