Thursday Mar 26 2020
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Kevin Fiege pushing for Spider-Woman's entry into Marvel Cinematic Universe

Web Desk
Kevin Fiege is reported to be pulling in all strings to bring Spider-Woman into the MCU

Under the captaincy of president Kevin Fiege, Marvel Studios has continuously been pushing for more diversity in the films.

After the introduction of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s (MCU) first non-binary, hijabi and LGBTQ characters, word on the street is that the superhero world may be getting a Spider-Woman soon enough.

If reports are to be believed, Fiege is seeking a deal with Sony to bring Spider-Woman into existence in the MCU.

While it may appear to be wishful thinking to a lot, the comics did have Jessica Drew as the female counterpart of Peter Park in the Spider-Woman series.

And while the name is in possession of Sony, the character can still be used by Marvel and Fiege is reported to be pulling all strings to bring that avatar into the Spider-Verse.

This may come as major news for some Marvel buffs but a whole lot is fretting over Fiege potentially messing up the character.