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Friday Mar 27 2020
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Taimur crashes dad Saif Ali Khan's interview, giving viral BBC professor some competition

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Saif Ali Khan tried to get Taimur away from the camera but was asked by the anchor to let him stay

Taimur Ali Khan seems to be giving the viral BBC professor Robert Kelly some competition, as the little toddler made sure all eyes were on him when he crashed his father Saif Ali Khan’s live interview.

The Tanhaji actor was in the middle of a live television interview with anchor Navika Kumar from his home, speaking about the COVID-19 lockdown in the country when his three-year-old toddler Taimur decided to steal the show by making a cameo.

During the conversation, when Saif tried to get him away from the camera, the anchor asked him to let Taimur stay.

However, before picking him up, Saif was heard asking his wife and actor Kareena Kapoor whether the toddler is allowed to come on national television. It was only after the approval that he brought him to the screen.

Taimur, who had donned a Hulk mask and gloves, appeared baffled about where the anchor’s voice could be heard from.

“Where is her? Where are you?” he kept asking his dad.

Saif was later seen issuing an apology to the anchor for the disturbance.