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Sunday Mar 29 2020
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Hina Khan opens up on her friendship with Rashami Desai

Web Desk
Hina Khan opens up on her friendship with Rashami Desai. Photo: Pinkvilla and India Today

Actor Hina Khan has graced home TV screen through a number of iconic roles over the years and has always been known as a rather vocal celebrity. She recently wore her heart on her sleeve in lieu of the overwhelming amount of tensions in the latest season of Big Boss.

Hina recently opened up about her feelings regarding Rashami Desai. According to a report by DNA India, Hina was quoted saying, "I have always been there, with Rashami, we never call each other, maybe a little bit of Instagram-chat, but have this invisible bond. I am telling you we don’t talk and we don’t meet but I know what is happening in our lives and I know what she is doing, and that is what happens after Bigg Boss, you are everywhere.”

“I like how she is growing and she is doing better. I can sense what decision she is taking for what reason and when I dm her and I tell her, we both agree,” Hina admitted.

“I have always liked Rashami, and even though I haven’t supported anyone openly but I was very glad how she got out of everything she went through and after that hug I gave her, I was so happy how she came out as a warrior."

Both Hina and Rashami have taken part in Big Boss over the years, however, according to Hina, the current season is rather ‘crazy’ in regards to the format.

Before signing off, Hina stated, “This season is crazy and people are out there. But I always feel we should not blame the celebrities inside the house because they are being allowed to do that. I also don’t blame the makers and creators because that’s their format. They have given this liberty to push, hit and abuse people in this season. It wasn’t there in my season."