Thursday May 28 2020
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Currency worth millions found under PIA plane debris: spokesperson

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KARACHI: Illegal currency was allegedly being smuggled in the plane crash that took place on May 22, the PIA spokesperson said in a shocking development on Thursday.

Pakistan International Airlines's (PIA) Airbus A320 — travelling from Lahore to Karachi — crashed in a residential area in the metropolis, killing 97 passengers on board. Two passengers survived the crash.

"Local and foreign currency worth millions of rupees were recovered from the crash site," said the spokesperson, adding: "A total of Rs30 million were recovered from three separate bags."

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The PIA official said that such an amount cannot be transported without informing the airline and that an extra seat ticket needs to be purchased for transporting such huge amounts of cash. "A passenger cannot carry it in their luggage or cabin baggage."

He said for such large amounts of cash, a passenger has to be seated next to the cash. "No passenger had brought an extra seat."

So far, three people have come forward to claim the money, the spokesperson said.