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Saturday Dec 19 2020
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Which party would people vote for if elections are held today?

Web Desk

A survey held by Gallup Pakistan has revealed which party people would vote for if elections are held today.

Surprisingly — or not? — a majority of the people (22%) were not sure of what their choice would be.

Setting that lot aside, 17% of the people responded by saying they would vote for PTI, 13% said they would support PML-N and 13% picked PPP.

MQM-P were not far behind with 12% of the vote.

JUI-F got 4%, PSP 3%, whereas MMA and independent candidates got 1% of the vote each.

The remaining 13% chose "others" among the options given.

The survey consisted of face-to-face interviews of 535 people taken between October 27 and November 17.

Will you vote?

When asked whether they would even engage in the exercise, 64% said yes while 36% said no, indicating that every 6 out of 10 people are ready and willing to use their democratic right to vote.

Your choice for Karachi local bodies election

This stands in contrast to another finding from the survey, according to which, during the last elections for Karachi's local bodies, 43% did not even vote.

Otherwise, PTI was a relatively popular choice with 23% people having voted for the party, followed by MQM-P for whom 9% of the respondents said they voted.

How satisfied are you with current local govt?

Respondents appeared largely dissatisfied with the performance of the current mayor and local bodies, with 66% giving them a thumbs down.

Only 34% residents said they are satisfied.