Tuesday Dec 22 2020
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PMC details admission criteria for private medical, dental colleges

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The Pakistan Medical Commission logo. — Photo courtesy Twitter

The Pakistan Medical Commission on Tuesday made important announcements regarding the admissions process for private medical and dental colleges.

In a four part-series, the Commission detailed instructions for students seeking admission to medical and dental colleges for the 2021 session.

MDCAT, English exemption

For students that have obtained 12 years education outside of Pakistan, an exemption for the Medical and Dental College Admission Test (MDCAT) will be granted for the year 2021 only.

Such students can turn in their SAT II results instead, provided a score of 480 at least is obtained in every subject.

The following weightage will be considered for results of different subjects:

- Biology: 40%
- Chemistry: 35%
- Physics/Maths: 25%

PMC noted that SAT I exams have not been conducted anywhere in the world due to coronavirus. Therefore, students who studied in an English medium school will be further exempt from submitting scores for English.

Eligibility criteria for applicants

Students must meet the following criteria to be eligible for admission to private medical and dental colleges:

- Minimum 65% or above in F-SC /HSSC or A-Levels equivalent IBCC certificate
- 60% or above in MDCAT or SAT II (SAT II for foreign students only)
- In case of SAT II, 60% or above in each subject

PMC underlined that no applications that do not meet the above criteria will be entertained. Admissions will be made on merit and no special quota for foreign students shall be created.

Merit generation

The Commission said that at the end of the process, candidates will be chosen on merit based on the following weightage:

- F-SC/A-Levels IBCC equivalence certificate: 30%
- Interview: 20%

The score of the interview will be consolidated by the college with the F-SC/MDCAT aggregate assigned by the PMC and the college will then finalise a total merit score of the students.

Necessary documents

All students must submit the following documents while applying:

- Picture
- CNIC/Passport
- F-SC/HSSC/A-Level equivalence certificate
- SAT II document (if applying on this basis)

Students may choose as many colleges as they wish to apply to.