Pakistani 'wolfman' featured in New York Post

The incident went viral on social media where a man from Peshawar reportedly scared women and children by donning a wolf mask on New Year's Eve.

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The man was later arrested by the police. Photo Courtesy: Twitter/@Newyorkpost
  • Asad Khan is a resident of the city’s Moti neighbourhood.
  • The incident took place on New Year's Eve, Thursday.
  • The incident made rounds on social media, especially on Whatsapp groups.

A man, who was detained by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police on New Year's Eve in Peshawar for scaring women and children by donning a wolf mask, has now been featured in an American publication New York Post after the incident made rounds on social media.

Asad Khan, a resident of the city’s Moti neighbourhood, reportedly was making roaring noises while riding his motorcycle, the international publication quoted Pakistani media.

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The man, in his defence, said that he held no intentions for scaring people around him, instead, he was merely complying with the coronavirus Standard Operating Procedures (Sops), as directed by the authorities.

The incident, however, became fodder for meme content as several social media users shared it on social media prompting an online joke.