Thursday Jan 14 2021

Watch: Robbers snatch burgers from delivery boy in Gujranawala


  • Robbers snatched six burgers from a food delivery boy in Gujranwala
  • Camera footage shows the delivery boy resisted when they tried to snatch his bag 
  • Police say suspects fled the scene after snatching the delivery bag which contained six burgers

A food delivery boy in Gujranwala had a strange encounter on  Wednesday when unidentified robbers stopped his motorcycle, snatched six burgers from him, and fled the scene.

According to police, the suspects looted the delivery boy near Gujranwala’s Ghagri Mandi. Footage of the incident shows that the delivery boy stopped his motorcycle at a street to check his bag for food when three men, also riding motorcycles, stopped near him.

As seen in the clip, the men first tried snatching his bag — which contained six burgers — but the delivery boy showed some resistance. After that, they forcefully snatched the bag from him and fled the crime scene. 

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