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Monday Mar 01 2021
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Gordon Ramsay's television show suffers major blow after losing 1m viewers

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Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s latest television venture has reportedly suffered a major blow after it lost 1 million viewers in just two days.

The BBC prime time show Bank Balance saw an audience of over 2.7 million viewers on Wednesday but by Friday, the statistics fell to just 1.6 million.

The drop in numbers comes after many took to social media to express their views over the "annoying" contestants, "confusing" rules and "cringe-worthy" banter.

The format followed with two teams of contestants answering questions so that they could accrue gold bars, which were then balanced on a see-saw that could potentially see one side win a £100,000 jackpot.

However, the format did not see people glued to the screens despite BBC bosses placing the show in a prime time slot.

"Even if they wanted to stick Ramsay in an earlier slot their hands are tied because of the swearing," a source told The Mirror.

"You can’t be impressed with those numbers for 9pm on BBC1."

"I think it's one and done for me with #GordonRamsaysBankBalance," tweeted one viewer. 

"There's no excitement or pace to the show everything feels laboured and takes way to long plus the rules need changing," wrote another. 

"Lol I'm cringing already. Stick to cooking Gordon. Goodness knows how this show ever got past the pilot stage," a third viewer viewer.