Friday Apr 30 2021

Lahori bodybuilder Abdul Waheed proves age is just a number

Abdul Waheed being given the award for Mr Pakistan at a bodybuilding competition. Photo: Reporter 

They say age is just a number but 60-year-old Abdul Waheed has proven that age really does not matter after winning the "Mr Pakistan" title during a bodybuilding competition. 

Waheed, who is commonly known as Ustad jee and Baba jee, told Geo News that he now wants to raise Pakistan’s name at the international level.

Despite his old age, the bodybuilder would put any youth to shame as he trains for hours and picks heavier weights than many younger people hitting the gym. At times, he also challenges people to pick more weights than him.

Ustadjee, who is a resident of Lahore, said that he never picked up bodybuilding at a young age.

“I started a health club in 1994 but I started regular bodybuilding at the age of 40 and started competing in the last 10 years,” said Waheed. 

He added that he competes in the "masters" category and first won the Mr Lahore title, then Mr Punjab, and now has the Mr Pakistan title to his name.  

The bodybuilder said that he not only has a good body for people his age but believes he’s better than many younger people.

Abdul Waheed shows off his muscles. Photo: reporter 

“I challenge youngsters to lift as much weight as I do. Come challenge me,” said Waheed who’s day job is tailoring and runs a gym in the evening.

Ustadjee said that he did not make his fitness club for himself but had done so for younger people so that they move towards sports and stay away from drugs.

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Waheed said that he takes a meagre amount of Rs100 from people for training and even pays from his pocket if someone cannot pay the fees.

“I want to work for the youth and if I live up to 100 years and have the courage, I will continue doing so,” said Waheed. He added that he now wants the government’s support so he can make a name for Pakistan by competing on an international level.