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Wednesday Jun 16 2021
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Akram Cheema left 'bloodied' after sanitiser bottle lobbed at him by PML-N lawmaker: Shafqat Mehmood

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Minister for Education Shafqat Mehmood speaking to Geo News, on June 16, 2021. — Geo News
Minister for Education Shafqat Mehmood speaking to Geo News, on June 16, 2021. — Geo News

Minister for Education Shafqat Mehmood on Wednesday said that his fellow party lawmaker Akram Cheema was left "bloodied" in parliament  after a sanitiser bottle was lobbed in his direction.

Speaking on Geo News programme "Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Saath", the minister blamed the move on a "group" within the PML-N that is "perhaps aligned with Maryam Nawaz sahiba". He said they "wish for chaos to ensue".

He claimed that when Minister for Finance Shaukat Tarin was presenting the budget in parliament on June 10, the Opposition "stooped as low as coming close to the prime minister and saying dirty, vulgar things".

Mehmood said that today, the Opposition itself asked for a committee to be formed to investigate the ongoing commotion but then later when they were asked by the speaker to turn in names, "they refused to do so".

"Then, when Shahbaz Sharif's speech began, an N-League member threw the bottle in Karachi MNA Akram Cheema's direction and he was wounded. He was left all bloodied."

Shahbaz again fails to deliver speech in NA as MNAs continue rowdy behaviour

He said that the PML-N's "future is in danger" and so it is "not letting parliamentary proceedings go smoothly".

Speaking of the Opposition's decision to bring a no-confidence motion against Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri, he said that they will soon "run away from the move".

Meanwhile, a guest on the same show, PML-N's Rana Sanaullah said that a no-confidence motion against both the speaker and the deputy speaker signals a trust deficit. "They have lost the confidence of the parliament."

Sanaullah claimed that it was both the Opposition and treasury benches that engaged in throwing sanitiser bottles across the parliament.

The PML-N stalwart added: "There was a use of expletives seen again today on the part of the government MNAs."

He accused the prime minister of "conspiring to diminish respect for the parliament".

'Opposition wishes to run away from budget debate'

Earlier, Asad Umar had also spoken on Twitter of the incident, saying that the Opposition "attacked" the treasury benches and Akram Cheema had been injured.

"With the economy recovering and a budget that is popular with the people, the Opposition is panicking and wants to run away from the budget debate," he wrote.

Farrukh Habib shares video of Cheema with 'injured eye'

PTI's Farrukh Habib, the Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting shared a video of Cheema, saying that the "attack" left him with an "injured eye".

Abbasi 'architect' of ruckus

Habib, earlier in the day, spoke to the media outside the office of the Election Commission of Pakistan and blamed the NA commotion on  PML-N leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi.

Sharing a medical report of PTI MNA Maleeka Bukhari’s, who was also reportedly injured in her eye, he said her left eye cornea had been affected in the "attack" in the previous day's session.

He questioned the morals of the entire Opposition leadership, who "promoted" such attacks and norms.

“They do not even care about the dignity and sanctity of women,” he said.

Habib said that it could be seen in video footage that the Opposition members gathered in front of the treasury benches and used extremely abusive words, especially "targeting" women lawmakers.

He was of the view that Bukhari was "targeted" by the Opposition members and she was hit with a budget book, which badly affected her eye.

He accused Abbasi of being the ''architect'' of the ruckus on the "orders of Maryam Safdar".

“If the Maryam Safdar group did not want to listen to the speech of Shahbaz Sharif, they could have walked out of the House without making a fuss,” he added.

He said that PML-N leadership and its members had a history of interruption and attacks, as they had attacked the Supreme Court and pelted stones on the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) office.

The minister said the PML-N had produced “Gullu Butts,” who attacked the PTI meeting in Faisalabad and at the home of Shah Mahmood Qureshi.

The minister claimed that the government had approached the Opposition time and again for reconciliation and ensuring smooth conduct of parliamentary proceedings, but did not get any serious response from them.

Farrukh recalled that the Opposition had not allowed Prime Minister Imran Khan to speak in the House after he took the vote for the leader of the House (National Assembly).

He said that the PTI government had passed 110 laws in the National Assembly and there were still dozens of such laws which were pending in the House due to Opposition's "non-serious attitude".

“The Opposition does not want to debate on the bills and prefers boycott instead of debate in the house. They are taking TA-DA [Travel & Daily Allowances], salaries from the assemblies but have no interest in the legislation that is beneficial for the country and the nation,” he added.