Wednesday Jun 30 2021

Karachi among world's 10 most stressful cities to live in for 2021

Scenes from a traffic jam in Karachi. Photo: AFP

Karachi is among the world's top 10 most stressful urban centres to live in, according to a list by German company VAAY.

The index is curated by analyzing 15 major stress indicators, which include governance, environment, finance and security.

The list claims cities are chosen for their size and significance as well as for the availability of comparable and reliable information.

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The cities with the most stressful social, environmental and economic conditions make it to the bottom while the most stable and happy ones top the list.

Karachi ranks at number 93 on the list, which is slightly better than Baghdad (94), Kabul (95) and Moscow (96).

Iceland’s serene capital, Reykajavik, tops the list as the least stressful city, followed by Bern (Switzerland), Helsinki, (Finland), Wellington, Melbourne, Oslo, Copenhagen, Innsbruck (Austria), Hannover (Germany) and Graz (Austria).

Mumbai ranks at 100 as the most stressful urban centre. Ranks of other major international cities are Sydney at 19, Abu Dhabi at 28, Toronto at 30, Singapore at 33, Tokyo at 34, Berlin at 36, Chicago at 40, Rome at 42, Los Angeles at 45, Washington at 47, Buenos Aires at 48, Cape Town at 51, Prague at 52, Budapest at 54, Tel Aviv at 55, Paris at 62, Doha at 65, Kuwait at 66, Rio de Janeiro at 67, London at 69, Kuala Lumpur at 76, Riyadh at 77, Shanghai at 83, Tehran at 86, Bangkok at 87, Cairo at 88 and Istanbul at 90.

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The selected cities are not necessarily the most and least stressful cities in the world; instead, they were chosen for their global comparability.

The list aims to showcase good governance to inspire and pave way for cities lagging behind.