Tuesday Jul 20 2021
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Watch: Groom accidentally slaps bride during wedding vows

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A video from a white wedding, where a groom could be seen accidentally slapping the bride at the altar while taking their vows, has recently gone viral on social media, inviting mixed reactions from Netizens.

The video was first shared on Daily Mail’s Instagram page and has been making rounds on the internet since.

The clip shows the couple mid-vows when the groom suddenly slaps the bride at the altar.

The incident, however, was an accident as the groom only attempted to swat away a fly near the bride’s face. His vigorous hand movement near her face led to the accidental hit.

The groom immediately realised and apologised for his mistake.

All was good even after the incident as the bride and groom laughed at the silly mistake.

People in attendance also apparently took the mistake lightheartedly as they could be heard laughing along with the bride and groom on the happy occasion.

Social media users, however, showed mixed reactions.

"Starting very well," one user sarcastically wrote on Instagram, adding a laughing emoji. 

"That was not an accident!! She should get rid of him," another user wrote.

"Wow, how abusive on their wedding day," a third Instagrammer chimed in.

Most users, however, found the video funny and expressed good wishes for the couple.