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Friday Jul 30 2021
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Kate Middleton ‘felt abandoned’ when Prince William’s aristocratic pals attacked her mom

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Kate Middleton reportedly started feeling “isolated and abandoned” once Prince William’s aristocratic pals started throwing jibes at her mother Carole Middleton.

According to the Daily Mirror, it all began once Prince William’s aristocratic friends started making “snobby jibes” at Kate’s mother Carole.

Royal correspondent Vanessa Allen, claims Prince William’s friends would ‘ridicule’ Carole’s former career and less than eloquent speech choices.

Per a royal insider that Ms. Allen referenced, aristocrats believed, “She [Carole] is pushy. Rather twee and incredibly middle-class. She uses words such as ‘pleased to meet you’, ‘toilet’, and ‘pardon’.”

While Kate did her best to laugh it all off, she started feeling extremely ‘isolated’ from Prince William and his world.

Not only that, “Pals say she felt increasingly isolated and abandoned at realising she would never be accepted by William’s aristocratic circle, which includes well-heeled chums such as Guy Pelly and William van Cutsem.”

“The down-to-earth Prince, 24, enjoyed relaxing informally with her at her family’s £1million five-bedroom house near Newbury, Berkshire, where Carole lives with former pilot husband Michael. But he could not get away from the fact his future mother-in-law was looked down upon in senior royal circles."