Monday Aug 09 2021

Assets discrepancies: ECP gives clean chit to CM Buzdar

Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar.
Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar. 
  • ECP scrutiny team finds CM Buzdar's reply “satisfactory”, says official.
  • CM Buzdar provided documentary proof of his assets as well, says official. 
  • In his reply submitted with the ECP, CM Buzdar reveals he owned collective assets amounting to Rs35 million.

 ISLAMABAD: The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has given a clean chit to Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar in a matter relating to alleged discrepancies in his declarations, according to a report published in The News on Sunday.

Officials’ privy to the development told The News that the ECP scrutiny team found CM Buzdar's reply “satisfactory”, which was submitted in response to a reminder by the commission last month.

On May 19, the ECP had served CM Buzdar a notice, questioning his newly acquired luxury Toyota Hillux Revo vehicle and plots owned by his wife in Taunsa Sharif.

"We found CM Punjab's response satisfactory. The ECP team approved his reply which explained how he had acquired a luxury vehicle and a missing plot owned by his wife," a senior official familiar with the development told this correspondent.

The political finance wing of the ECP found some discrepancies in the declaration of a vehicle in the 2019-2020 assets’ declaration, which was missing in his last year’s statement, according to officials. A team also investigated one-kanal plot, owned by Buzdar's wife, which was missing in his declarations.

Another official familiar with the latest development said, "Usman Buzdar provided all details about his property, wealth and assets. He provided documentary proof of his assets as well. Also, he informed the election authorities that the under question vehicle was transferred to his name in lieu of inheritance after his father passed away."

However, the ECP would keep an eye on CM Buzdar's upcoming declarations, as he himself promised to provide further details on getting more inherited wealth in days to come, said the official.

On the plot issue, CM Buzdar told the ECP that the plot, due to some omission, remained missing in his declarations. This was not deliberate but due to a bona-fide omission, Buzdar pleaded.

In his reply submitted with the ECP, CM Buzdar revealed that he owned collective assets of Rs35 million.

According to his declarations, the chief minister owned a house consisting of 14 kanals with a value of Rs3.5 million. He has had four kanals worth Rs0.8 million in Sakhi Sarwar Road DG Khan.

CM Buzdar also showed a ten marlas plot at DG Khan valuing Rs1.7 million. He also owned 36-marla Residential plots in Multan having worth of Rs5.1 million. He has a piece of land measuring 4 kanals on Sakhi Sarwar Road DG Khan. He also showed 95 kanals and 18 marlas agricultural land in Mouza Ahamdani in DG Khan. He also claimed 163 kanals in Mouza Choni of Taunsa Sharif valuing Rs4 million. He also showed 36 marlas plot and 8 marlas House in Multan.

CM Buzdar also showed in his statement that his wife's two plots (19 marlas plot and a 2-kanals plot) in Taunsa Sharif. He also declared a land piece measuring 199 kanals for agriculture, which was gifted by his father. He disclosed accounts carrying ten million rupees, having some tractors and cars in his declarations. He also showed four plots, owned by his wife. She owned one-kanal plot at Canal City, DG Khan whose cost was Rs2 million. She owned a plot measuring 19 marlas in Taunsa Sharif with price tag of Rs2 million, while she owned two kanals land at the Anaari Fort Munro having value of Rs400, 000. She owned one kanal plot valued Rs0.5 million in Taunsa Sharif. Spokespersons for the ECP and the Punjab government did not deny the information.