Former, current Indian cricketers speak on Warner-Hafeez controversy

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Former spinner Harbhajan Singh (left), Ashwin (centre) and Gautam Gambhir (right). Photo: File
Former spinner Harbhajan Singh (left), Ashwin (centre) and Gautam Gambhir (right). Photo: File

Former and current Indian cricketers have given their two cents on the David Warner-Mohammad Hafeez controversy that took place during the Pakistan vs Australia ICC T20 World Cup semi-final Thursday night. 

The very first ball from Hafeez's hand slipped, causing it to bounce twice on the pitch. Warner leapt forward and taking advantage of the situation, smashed it out of the park for a six. 

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Many thought that since the ball had obviously slipped from the bowler's hand, Warner should have let it slide. Others praised the left-handed batsman for realising an opportunity and taking it. 

Indian cricketers have also started commenting on the episode now, citing the example of Ashwin's run out during an IPL match, calling out the Aussies for their "double standards" when it comes to sportsmanship. 

In a 2019 IPL match, Ashwin had run out Jos Buttler by removing the bails from the stumps before he bowled the delivery. An eager Buttler had stepped out in advance. 

As the discussion went to the third umpire, Ashwin and Buttler could be seen having an animated discussion. When the umpire ruled in favour of Ashwin, Buttler stormed off angrily. 

Former Australia spinner Shane Warne had also lashed out at Ashwin after he engaged in a verbal confrontation with Eoin Morgan during a match. 

Former Indian batsman Gautam Gambhir commented on the controversy, lashing out at Warner for "an absolutely pathetic display of spirit." He also tagged Ashwin, urging him to comment on the left-handed batsman's decision to hit the ball despite it slipping from Hafeez's hand. 

An Australian journalist told Gambhir it was a "bad take" and not wise to compare the two incidents. It was then that Ashwin jumped in to offer his opinion.

"His point is that if this is right, that was right. If that was wrong, this is wrong too. Fair assessment?" he tweeted. 

Former Indian spinner Harbhajan Singh also regretted Warner's act, saying that the Australian batsman should have let it go. 

"Though it was within the rules, it should not have happened. It doesn't convey a good message. We have also got a similar chance in the past but we didn't do that," he said on his YouTube channel. 

Australia had gone on to win the semi-final of the T20 World Cup and will meet New Zealand in the final on Sunday. 

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