Thursday May 19 2022

Saddar blast suspect linked with neighbouring country's terrorist group: CTD

Image from the CCTV footage of Saddar blast highlighting the suspect standing by the bicycle. — YouTube/ Geo News Live
Image from the CCTV footage of Saddar blast highlighting the suspect standing by the bicycle. — YouTube/ Geo News Live

  • CTD DIG Khurram Ali says that suspects received funding worth Rs200,000 to launch terrorist attack in Saddar.
  • Says suspect took orders from Asghar Shah who operated terrorist group from Iran.
  • Says suspect blew bicycle loaded with explosives when he saw target.

KARACHI: The suspect in Karachi's Saddar blast was in contact with a terrorist organisation operating from Iran, Counter-Terrorism Department's (CTD) Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Khurram Ali said Thursday while briefing media on the case's progress.

Ali was flanked by CTD's Additional IG Imran Yaqoob and Adviser to the Chief Minister on Information Murtaza Wahab during the press briefing.

A blast on May 13 in Karachi’s Saddar area had killed one person and left 13 injured. According to the initial report, an improvised explosive device (IED) was planted on a bicycle which was detonated when a police vehicle passed by.

Wahab said that two suspects in the blast — one of whom was identified as Allah Dino — were killed in an operation led by the CTD and another sensitive agency in Mauripur on Wednesday night.

Giving details about the suspects, DIG Ali said that Dino took orders from the terrorist group's head, Asghar Shah, adding that the audio of the conversation between Dino and Shah has been acquired wherein the two could be heard talking in Sindhi. 

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Moreover, a transaction of Rs200,000 has also been found as a piece of evidence that shows the suspect and his accomplices were funded for launching the attack, he said, adding that the suspects had been launching terrorist attacks for Rs15,000 to Rs20,000.

The DIG told that the suspect walked 5 kilometres with the explosive-laden bicycle to launch the attack and tried to park it in several different spots before choosing the busy Saddar area.

"The suspect finally parked the bicycle at a spot in Saddar and checked in a nearby hotel. He blew the bicycle with a remote-controlled device as soon as he saw the vehicle with a blue light atop it," DIG Ali said.

He went on to say that there is footage in which the suspect can be seen very clearly, therefore, there is no chance of doubt about his identity.

Meanwhile, the results of geofencing have also clearly highlighted Dino's presence, he added.

The official further stated that Dino was involved in organising different anti-state protests and other activities, adding that the suspect was trained for terrorist activities and had expertise in making bombs.

"Allah Dino prepared improvised explosive device(s) (IED) for bomb attacks on Railway Lines," DIG Ali said.

Law enforcers kill two suspected terrorists in Saddar blast

Two men suspected of terrorist involvement in the recent Karachi Saddar blast were killed during a joint operation by the CTD and intelligence agencies, Geo News reported Wednesday.

In a joint operation, the CTD and intelligence agencies raided an area in Mauripur after receiving intelligence about the presence of the suspects involved in the blast.

Two suspects were killed, while one fled the scene, according to the CTD in charge Mazhar Mashwani. 

He said the suspected terrorists were identified as Allah Dino and Nawab, confirming they might be involved in Karachi’s Saddar blast.

Meanwhile, sources claimed that the main accused of Karachi’s Saddar area blast has been killed with his partner.