Sunday May 22 2022
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Pray that we get approval for Imran Khan's arrest: Rana Sanaullah

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Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah (L) and PTI Chairman Imran Khan (R). — APP/Instagram/File
Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah (L) and PTI Chairman Imran Khan (R). — APP/Instagram/File

  • Sanaullah hopes PTI Chairman Imran Khan would be kept in the same cell where he was imprisoned.
  • Says decisions to arrest someone can't be taken without allied parties's consent.
  • Says "keeping Imran Khan in jail for three days would wipe politics out of him".

ISLAMABAD: Interior Minister Rana Sanaullah on Sunday asked people to pray that the incumbent government gets permission to order the arrest of PTI Chairman Imran Khan.

The statement comes during a media talk of the interior minister the day after PTI leader and former federal minister Shireen Mazari's arrest.

Sanaullah said however such decisions cannot be taken without the consent of allied parties, but that he wishes that Imran Khan would be kept in the same cell after the arrest where he was imprisoned.

"Keeping Imran Khan for three days in jail would wipe the politics out of him," the minister said.

While speaking about today's Punjab Assembly session, Sanaullah said that PA Speaker Pervaiz Elahi should hold a vote of no-confidence on the no-trust motion submitted against him and then call an assembly session.

When asked about Mazari's arrest, Sanaullah said that there is no involvement of the government or anyone else in her arrest.

He said that the coalition government and institutions need to make further effort to steer the country out of the storm or else something bad would happen.

Govt will be responsible if anything happens to Imran Khan: Asad Umar

Senior PTI leader and former minister for planning and development Asad Umar warned on Saturday that the government will be held accountable if anything happened to Imran Khan.

Speaking to journalists, the PTI leader said that the government was responsible for Imran Khan's security, adding that if the government could protect non-governmental individuals, why couldn't it offer protection to Imran Khan.

"Last night, a large number of police personnel, including prisoner vans, arrived at Bani Gala," said Umar, adding that the police claimed they had come to conduct a security inspection.

He claimed that Khan's life was under threat and that extensive security measures are necessary.

"The administration believes such tactics will frighten us. What are the concerns of the leaders? None of our workers is intimidated," he added. "The PTI is a peaceful political party."