Saturday Jun 18 2022

Hina Daniyal Malik's tragic death: Her sister shares shocking details in video message

Hina Daniyal Maliks tragic death: Her sister shares shocking details in video message

Hina Daniyal Malik, who was a popular vlogger and successfully making her unique content, tragically died last week (on June 11).

Recently, her sister Hira shared tragic story of Hina’s death in a video message, responding to the people who were speculating different sorts of stories related to her sad demise.

Sharing the shocking details, Hira said: “A day before my sister passed away, her husband called me and said, Hina is sick, please come over." 

 "I took it as a normal sickness and reached to their place, after reaching there I saw her in a terrible and deteriorating condition."

Hira continued: "She was losing her movements, we took her to a nearby hospital where they suspected the clot in her brain. A team of doctors took her in observation and carried out some medical tests."

"After a while a lady doctor asked us to deposit Rs 11 lac on cash counter so that they could initiate surgical procedure to clear the clot.

"We agreed to pay the amount in half upfront as we didn’t have that much money, but the doctors didn’t accept our request," added Hina's sister. 

She continued: "We moved her to another hospital. However, it was too late. The doctors shifted her in ICU as she was in critical condition. Later, they placed her on ventilator.

"But, she could not win the battle for her life and passed away in the morning at 6:00 am on 11th June," Hina's elder sister revealed with teary eyes. She also deplored the doctor's dereliction of duty and insensitivity.

She requested fans and friends to pray for the departed soul, saying: "We are in grief over the loss of our young enthusiastic sister."

 Hina Daniyal Malik was an active and creative person. She was doing philanthropic work by promoting local sellers, according to Hira.