Thursday Sep 15 2022
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Remaining five of Karachi sextuplets die day after birth

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Representational image of a babys feet. — Pixabay/ Pexels
Representational image of a baby's feet. — Pixabay/ Pexels
  • One of sextuplets died soon after birth.
  • Doctor says all babies were premature and extremely underweight.
  • Sextuplet birth as rare as all other types of multiple births.

A 25-year-old woman on Wednesday gave birth to six children at a time at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre in a rare incident in Karachi, but one of the babies died soon after.

Today, the remaining five sextuplets also died, said the National Institute of Children's Health (NICH), where the babies were shifted after birth. As per the children's hospital, all the sextuplets were premature and extremely underweight at the time of their birth.

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The mother was admitted to JPMC on Tuesday night after feeling labour pain and the babies were delivered normally next day, Samaa quoted Dr Aysha Waris of JPMC's Gynecology Ward as saying.

As per the publication, the woman is already the mother of one.

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What is sextuplet birth

Sextuplet birth, the delivery of six babies at a time, is as rare as all multiple births as giving birth to triplets or more is extremely unusual.

As per the data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), only 87 births out of 100,000 (less than 0.1%) fit into this category in 2019.