Wednesday Oct 05 2022

Thousands attend sensational ‘Pasoori’ concert in London

Singer Ali Sethi is pictured during his power filled performance. —
Singer Ali Sethi is pictured during his power filled performance. —

  • Ali Sethi, Shae Gill and Leo Twins perform before thousands of fans in London
  • Shae shows up at first international performance.
  • Audience dances and croons along with music stars at concert.

LONDON: Singer Ali Sethi, rising star Shae Gill and the dynamic duo Leo Twins performed before thousands of South Asian fans at the London O2 Indigo.

Organised and presented by Pakistan’s famous instrumentalists Leo Twins [Sharoon Leo and Haroon Leo] with Geo News as official media partner, this was the first ever Pakistani music concert where most of the audience was standing inside the venue on the first floor to dance and croon along Ali Sethi and Shae Gill as they performed three different versions of viral Coke Studio sound track, Pasoori.

The upper hall had a seating arrangement at full capacity while the ground floor was filled with a crowd of thousands of Indian and Pakistan students and professionals.

Leo Twins performing at concert. —
Leo Twins performing at concert. —

The concert that lasted for three hours started with Gill’s opening solo performance, Leo Twins’ set of instrumentals, Ali Sethi’s solo performance and then a powerful joint performance by Sethi and Gill.

Throughout the show, the artists performed to their best ability despite occasional audio malfunctions. However, there was little doubt that most of the excited crowd had bought tickets to sway over Pasoori — a song that has gone viral becoming one of the biggest Pakistani global hits. The song has been watched by over 400 million people so far, receiving huge support from India and elsewhere.

'Unique energy': Ali Sethi

Speaking to Geo News after the concert, Sethi said London’s South Asian community has a unique energy.

“I always love performing to the enthusiastic South Asian community. The energy of Punjabis, I must say, is unmatched anywhere in the world. The crowd was so happy to meet the wonderful Shae Gill," he said.

The musician said that the credit for the global success of Pasoori goes to child prodigy Abdullah Siddiqui for bringing the universal music language to the song and for reflecting the Generation Z outlook; to Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan for the overall arrangement and to Gill.

Singer Ali Sethi is pictured during his power filled performance. —
Singer Ali Sethi is pictured during his power filled performance. —

He said Gill has the unique talent of singing in English, Sindhi, Punjabi and Urdu “with 100% confidence and gusto”.

“I feel so happy seeing the new generation of Pakistanis expressing their talent in this way. These kids are good people. They are caring about each other," he added.

This was 23-years-old Gill’s first ever performance outside of Pakistan.

“I was nervous but the crowd was amazing. I always had faith that this song would become big but I didn’t know that I would get this much love. The feedback has been amazing. The success of the song has brought too much pressure and I am trying to cope with it. I will be singing more originals as there is nothing like originality,” she said. 

'We wanted to do something new': Leo Twins

The Leo Twins told Geo News that they wanted to bring something for the audience that has never been done before. They said that it was when we thought of bringing Ali Sethi and Shae Gill to London for their first ever concert together after Pasoori’s success.

Leo Twins performing at concert. —
Leo Twins performing at concert. —

“We are known for being instrumentalists and music producers but this time we wanted to do something new. What better way to meet our fans than producing our own concert?”

The duo said that it took them months to prepare and execute what they had in their mind. They said that the concept behind producing the show was not just to give the audience a musical evening but to give them an unforgettable experience.

"Thanks to the love from all the fans across the UK that our show was sold out!”