Saturday Oct 29, 2022

PPP Raza Rabbani proposes President Alvi's impeachment

PPP Senator Raza Rabbani. — AFP/File
PPP Senator Raza Rabbani. — AFP/File

  • President Alvi breached neutrality of his office, says Rabbani.
  • Pressurizing government for early polls is not an illegitimate action, he says.
  • Nowhere in Constitution a provision provides for military establishment to play such a role, says law maker.

PPP leader and senator Raza Rabbani proposed Friday the impeachment of President Arif Alvi, saying, “he violated his office neutrality by facilitating negotiations between a political party and military establishment,” Geo News reported.

According to The News, enunciating the charges against President Alvi for justifying his demand, the former chairman Senate said the president breached the neutrality of his office by becoming a party to the furtherance of the political agenda of a particular political party, to which he belongs. He was instrumental in forwarding extra-Constitutional demands of a political party to the military establishment.

Rabbani also accused him of abetting the political party in its demand to the military establishment for snap elections - a role not prescribed to the military establishment under the Constitution.

Responding to PTI’s claim saying approaching the military establishment to pressurise the incumbent government for holding early elections is not an illegitimate action, Senator Rabbani said nowhere in the Constitution there is a provision for the military establishment to play such a role.

“If they do so, it would be in excess of the powers conferred on them under the Constitution,” he said.