Friday Nov 25 2022

WATCH: Suspect who killed policeman in Karachi says acted in ‘self-defence’

  • Suspect Khurram Nisar says he killed policeman in self-defence.  
  • Nisar says he sensed danger when the official asked him to go somewhere instead of police station.
  • Suspect adds he asked his brother-in-law to bring documents.

KARACHI: Suspect Khurram Nisar, who shot dead policeman Abdul Rehman in the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Phase V area late Monday night, said he acted in “self-defence”.

In a video statement issued from Sweden, Nisar said that he opened fire on the policeman in plain clothes, considering him a “kidnapper”.

The murder suspect said that he sensed danger when the official directed him to go somewhere else instead of the police station. 

He maintained that the police personnel tried to kill him inside the car but fortunately bullet got stuck in the chamber of his pistol. The suspect said the police personnel was threatening to kill him hence he killed him to save his life.

He maintained that his brother-in-law did not know what actually had happened. Nisar said he had asked his brother-in-law to bring his documents from his house.

Khurram Nisar fled to Seden

Suspect Nisar had managed to flee to Sweden after the murder. 

As per police sources, Nisar took an international airline flight via Istanbul which landed in Sweden. The suspect used his Swedish passport to run away from Pakistan, police sources shared.

Nisar, the son of a former deputy commissioner, shot a policeman dead following an altercation in DHA Phase V.

The martyred cop, Abdul Rehman, and his colleague reportedly chased the suspected shooter, identified as Khurram Nisar and spoke to him after they allegedly noticed suspicious activity, according to Geo News.

A couple of video footages showed an altercation between Rehman and Nisar.

Footage of the shooting was recorded via CCTV camera in which Rehman and Nisar step out from the passenger seat and driver's seat, respectively, of a black vehicle with tinted windows.

In the same video, the cop can be seen holding a pistol and gesturing for Nisar to sit in the car and go to the police station.

According to the police, Nisar came to Karachi from Sweden on November 5. He lives there with his wife and two children.

DIG South Irfan Baloch told Geo News that the cop accompanying Rehman recorded his statement, according to which they saw Nisar forcing a woman to sit in the car near Boat Basin.

Baloch said that when the cops approached Nisar, the woman fled, while they tried to control him, but couldn't get hold of his gun as he resisted.

This was when Rehman sat in the car with Nisar, while the other cop chased it.

The DIG said that the cops tried to take Nisar to Darakhshan Police Station, but he increased the speed of his car. At this, Rehman tried to stop Nisar and both of them got out of the car. The two engaged in an argument and pulled their guns on each other, he added.

According to Baloch, Nisar's home in Karachi is near the crime scene in DHA Phase 5, where he left the car used during the incident at home and fled in another car.

The police raided Nisar's house and seized weapons, documents and the vehicle used during the shooting. The house watchman was also detained.


The case of the murder of the policeman was registered on the complaint of a sub-inspector at Darakhshan Police Station.

The suspected shooter faces charges of terrorism, murder, and shootout with police, officials said.

Rahman, the martyred cop, was shot in the right temple. Initial medical examination showed the slug of the bullet got stuck in the head, according to the first information report (FIR).

The FIR also contains the detailed statement of the deceased cop’s partner, a constable, who was at the scene.

According to the police, both cops, members of the elite Shaheen Force, were on a motorcycle patrolling routine, when they heard screams of a woman coming from a sedan near a traffic light in Khayaban-e-Shamsheer, Defence Housing Authority (DHA) Phase V.

“The martyred cop, in the line of duty, sped after the black car and intercepted it near Abdullah Shah Ghazi’s mausoleum as soon as the driver pulled over. He then opened the front passenger side door and sat in the car. However, as soon as he got in the car, a girl sitting in the backseat bolted out of the vehicle,” the police FIR said.

Later, as per the FIR, the car moved ahead and stopped after covering some distance.

“During the drive, the cop and the shooter had a heated argument. They stopped and both the cop and the driver came out of the car each toting a gun. At that point, the driver took aim and shot the cop. The bullet hit him in the side of the head, killing him instantly,” the police said.

The FIR also said that the cop fired at the shooter, but missed.