Monday, December 05, 2022
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Prince William’s ‘inner tension’ around Kate Middleton revealed by expert

Prince William seemingly showed ‘inner tension’ around his wife Kate Middleton in the US, a body language expert said

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Prince William seemingly showed a bit of ‘inner tension’ around his wife Kate Middleton at a recent appearance in Boston during the couple’s latest trip to the US last week for the Earthshot Prize ceremony.

Talking to The Sun, body language expert Judi James analysed Kate and William’s mannerisms around each other at the Boston Celtics games on November 30, and suggested that the Prince of Wales appeared tense.

At one particular point during their court-side outing, Kate appeared to place her hand on Prince William’s knee, to which James said: ““The way he’s clinging to Kate’s hand does suggest inner tension.”

“She has done this PDA before but it has been more of a fleeting gesture but here it is getting validation from William’s reciprocal response,” she added.

Further analysing William’s response to Kate’s hand on his knee, James explained: “He places his own hand on top of hers and even curls his fingers around her hand to keep it in place.”

The body language expert added: “Their knees are also touching, providing some strong sensory signals of closeness and support. Kate has even placed her legs in a knee splay position to achieve this, suggesting she feels the touch is important.”