WATCH: Nature pelts Karachi with hailstones amid light rain

People from Malir's Model Colony reported hail and heavy rain in the area

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— Madiha Batool
— Madiha Batool

KARACHI: Karachiites were pleasantly surprised over the sudden change in weather as several areas in the metropolis received light rain along with moderate hail on Friday.

According to reports, Orangi, Surjani, New Karachi, North Karachi, Gulistan-e-Jauher, Gulshan-e-Maymar, and Port Qasim areas received light rain under the influence of a westerly wave.

Weather expert Jawad Memon told Geo News that rain clouds have formed in the city's South-South East.

People from Malir's Model Colony also reported hail and heavy rain in the area.

What caused hailstones to form over Karachi?

According to Memon, thunderclouds formed at high altitudes under the westerly wind system. “Temperature at the upper level is very low at this time which turns raindrops into ice crystals,” he said.

Memon added that these ice crystals become so large and heavy that they fall as hailstones.