Monday, May 29, 2023
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Vijay Varma reacts to claims of being typecast for 'villainous roles'

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Vijay Varma elaborates his response by qouting example of Dahaad and Darlings
Vijay Varma elaborates his response by qouting example of 'Dahaad' and 'Darlings'

Vijay Varma has set an image of himself as an actor who mostly plays evil characters in almost all films; the actor has finally reacted over the claims that he is being typecast for villainous roles.  

While speaking to Times Now, Varma stated: “One can say that, however, I’m not worried about the typecasting bug because I choose what I want to do. I chose Dahaad and Darlings back-to-back because I felt like those were very compelling stories.”

These were two, for me at least, very distinct, and different characters. I mean, Anand Swarnakar is a classic psychopath, and Hamza in Darlings is an alcoholic and abusive husband. Also, they have very distinct traits and qualities.”

“So, I don’t see these individuals as alike. But overall, the shades of these characters are dark. I think the most grey or evil I’ve ever been was probably the Dahaad. I think I should put a full stop right here and do something else. Once I achieve the peak of evilness, I should stop now.”

Meanwhile, Vijay Varma has interesting projects in the pipeline including Mirzapur 3, Lust Stories 2 and The Devotion of Suspect X.