John Krasinski admits Steve Carell was key for 'IF'

John Krasinski had Steve Carell in mind while writing 'IF'

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John Krasinski specifically had Steve Carell in his mind while planning his film IF.

In the film, premiering on May 17, Carell voices a pivotal animated character named Blue.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Krasinski, who wrote, directed, and co-stars in the film, created the role with Carell specifically in mind.

At the New York premiere, "I was writing [animated character] Blue to be Steve because of his sense of humor and how sweet he is, and how incredibly vulnerable and also how big and open-hearted he is and he gives great hugs."

"So I was like, ‘If he doesn’t do this, we’re in trouble.’ And as soon as he said yes, it was like a family member giving you that love and support that I needed. As soon as he jumped on, I knew we were off to the races," he added.

The film follows a young girl, portrayed by Cailey Fleming, who has the unique ability to see imaginary friends. 

She embarks on a mission to reconnect these forgotten companions with their former human friends.

Besides Carell, the film features an ensemble voice cast including Bradley Cooper, Awkwafina, Matt Damon, Amy Schumer, and Maya Rudolph.