Taylor Swift fame dwarfs everyone on Google

Research shows Taylor Swift's craze outperforms other musicians on Google searches

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Taylor Swift fame dwarfs everyone on Google 

The popularity of Taylor Swift knows no bounds, as research has found that she is the most searched celebrity in the U.K. and the U.S.

It was prepared by Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino. The report analyzed Google search data by country and noted the musician who received the most engagement.

Their findings show the Carolina hitmaker received 1.8 million searches in U.K. and likewise topped the ranking in the U.S.

It comes after Taylor's latest album, The Tortured Poets Department, did not receive universal praise from fans, according to Joe.co.

Despite this, the fanbase of the 34-year-old is ever-growing and outperforming the rest of her contemporaries.

Her unmatched popularity can also be attributed to her whirlwind romance with Travis Kelce.

Earlier, the pair celebrated their first anniversary at Lake Como in Italy. It was reported they spent four days at a private luxury villa.