Jennifer Aniston takes on new 'creative' role to 'inspire children'

Jennifer Aniston is reportedly trying her luck at a new creative gig

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Photo: Jennifer Aniston takes on new 'creative' role to 'inspire children'

Jennifer Aniston is trying her hand at writing after becoming a veteran actress.

The former wife of Brad Pitt is reportedly releasing her book Clydeo Takes a Bite Out of Life, which would narrate the adventures of her real-life rescue-dog Clyde.

As per People Magazine, the book is the first installment in a four-book deal between Jennifer and the publisher and animation studio Invisible Universe.

In a statement, the actress opened up about this collaboration, “When I decided to partner with Invisible Universe to bring Clydeo to life on social media."

“I could have never imagined how much joy he would bring to his fans and followers. I could not be more thrilled to be taking Clydeo and his stories to publishing, where he will hopefully inspire children and dog-lovers alike with his adorable journey to find his true passion,” she added.

Jennifer’s publishing partner HarperCollins Children’s Books' Vice president, Nancy Inteli, also said in her statement, “We are incredibly proud to partner with the one and only Jennifer Aniston and Invisible Universe to bring Clydeo’s silliness, kindness and warmth to life in books.”

Wrapping up the discussion, she continued, “Clydeo is not just a story about an adorable dog’s adventures, but also a celebration of the joy everyone finds in discovering their true passions.”