Netflix 'Bridgerton' new casting reveals 'beautiful' journey

The part two of Netflix 'Bridgerton' season 3 is now available for streaming

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Photo: Netflix 'Bridgerton' new casting reveals 'beautiful' journey

Netflix Bridgerton season 3 showcased the role of Hannah New as the rebellious Lady Tilley Arnold.

In a new chat with Hello! Magazine, the newest addition to Netflix’s regency era drama series, Hannah New, weighed in on her experience.

"Lady Tilly comes at it from a polyamorous standpoint, and she is open to the idea that love between any, anybody no matter what s** is love,” she began.

To note here, Hannah’s character, Lady Tilly, plays the new love interest of Benedict Bridgerton, portrayed by Luke Thomson.

Elaborating further on her character, she said, "That's what's really beautiful about the storyline between them is that she doesn't judge anybody.”

“But she also sees that there is such a potential for pleasure and living authentically as yourself when you are offered those situations," Hannah explained.

"There is a way in which she has to admit some stuff to herself, that is not really comfortable for her or for those around her," she continued to reveal.

In conclusion, she teased, "It leads to a very beautiful, rounding up of Benedict and her interaction, but you really don't know where it could go.”