Princess Charlene’s move spills the truth on Prince Albert bond amid split rumors

Prince Albert, Princess Charlene have found themselves being monitored by body language experts amid split rumors

Sunday, December 03, 2023
Princess Charlene’s move spills the truth on Prince Albert bond amid split rumors

Prince Albert and Princess Charlene’s relationship has just come under the microscope of experts once more.

Insights into this have been brought to light by body language expert Judi James.

She weighed in on the couple’s body language at the Rugby World Cup.

Prior to the event, the couple was accused of living in different countries, and this was all amid rumors of a separation.

Now though they also wound up offering insight into their relationship with a significant action.

According to Ms James a body language expert, “The rugby seems to have prompted a much-longed-for-by-their-fans PDA from Charlene and Albert here, although the air of underlying awkwardness seems to be sadly intact.”

In her interview with GB News, Ms James pointed out how excited Princess Charlene looked during South Africa’s score, which is her home country.

However, Prince Albert looked shocked at his wife’s reaction because while, “Charlene’s limpet hug, with both arms flung round her husband’s shoulders in a gesture of spontaneous joy (presumably at the rugby score) is a rare act of happy affection from a woman whose unspeakably sad eye expressions and rather rigid body poses tend to spark concern.”

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On the other hand, when it comes to Prince Albert, the expert noted, “His hands are placed on her back at the shoulders, making it a more awkward and less enthusiastic response.”

“One hand looks raised as though he is performing the pat that will usually signal ‘break’. Albert does gaze at his wife’s face with a warm-looking smile.”

“But it’s clearly her moment for celebrating the rugby win, while he appears very slightly bemused here,” she also added before signing off.

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It is pertinent to mention that all of this has been brought to light following news of a separation and marital strife.

The couple has even addressed these rumors in the past, and according to OK, the Prince and Princess of Monaco admitted they were “offended” by the allegations.

The Prince even went as far as to say, “I don’t understand all these rumors, which hurt me, about us…they’re lies. That she lives elsewhere. Lives in Switzerland. That we meet only by appointment. They're lies.”